Thursday, January 13, 2011


I was reading a post on Garance Doré's blog about fakes and it reminded me about an article I had read. Someone did a study that showed that people wearing fakes (or in this case, perceived fakes) actually cheated a lot more. 

She was however talking specifically about furniture and the prohibitive price of an Eames chair and how she imagined Ray and Charles berating her for buying a chair at a 10th of the price. I can understand it, but when we are discussing Eames furniture in particular I feel as though those designs were originally made to be "everyman" kind of furnishings, made of low cost materials and manufactured with low cost techniques. Design ACTUALLY within reach. So why should they care if Knoll isn't the company making money off their backs? 

I don't like fakes in fashion, however I seem to have no issue with fakes in furniture. I can tell you this though, you get what you pay for as a rule. Anyone who knows it is a Birkin bag (or Louis Vuitton or whatever) and is buying a fake is also supporting industries like child prostitution and should be aware that their money is going to support many kinds of underground economies. Somehow I don't know that the people at Nood are doing the same.

What do you think about fakes?

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