Sunday, June 5, 2011

Style Q&A Mikey Da Roza

This month's Avenue magazine cover features the Style Q&A I styled with  the owner and DJ from Habitat Living Sound, Mikey Da Roza!  This was really fun for me because not only is Mikey super cool but he has a LOT of clothes! It was so fun to go through a guy's closet and put together looks for him, some of which he hasn't worn in a while. He had some really great patterns and such fun colors that I couldn't resist them. Especially since we were shooting in the evening and night you need items that will punch through the darkness. We shot in and around the Connaught area of Calgary where Mikey's bar is. The art Director Mason Hastie and Jared Sych did a brilliant job as usual with the pics and I love it when I get to work with them, it is ALWAYS a super fun time. It was really cold when we shot this but we were lucky to have no snow or rain and I think Mikey did a great job looking like he wasn't freezing!

Check out the whole interview in Avenue Magazine and you can see all the photos on my facebook page.

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Fitting Room

The new We Like We Love magazine is out with the Hipstamatic fashion story that we have been dying to share with you. This began as a way for me to shoot some Alan Anderson pieces that were at Holts and couldn't leave the store. By the time we were done with the first session I knew they were looking pretty special so we kept going! 

Ania B. was good enough to meet me and with wigs from Deva Dave our story took shape. The app actually upgraded a few times over the 4 months we took to shoot this so by the last session I could shoot repeatedly and didn't have to wait for the film to "develop" after each shot! We had to work in sessions since the phone's battery only lasts so long and we were trying to be discreet and shoot in the fitting rooms during off times (Ania in a bright orange Gucci gown, 5 inch heels and a blonde wig is not so easy to hide!). It was a fun experiment and Ania is always dream to work with. It was very much a collaboration and we love how it turned out. None of the shots were retouched and appear exactly how they came out of my phone.

Here are a couple of pages from the magazine and some out-takes of the shots that didn't make it. Check out the whole story and the rest of WLWL #7!

 Dress Gucci/ Jewellery Alan Anderson/ Shoes YSL

Dress Lanvin

Dress Victoria Beckham/ Shoes Christian Louboutin

Dress Gucci

Dress Victoria Beckham/ Jewellery Alan Anderson
And me!