Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I was out on the coast this weekend to have a look around and visit some clients (read, have many many drinks) and lucked out with a sunshiney weekend. When the Sun shines in Vancouver, no one remembers the rain.

The only good thing about taking
that wrong turn onto E. Hastings
The coffee I ordered at the Twisted Fork.

Gimlets at the Keefer before we finally got in at Bao Bei

The most delicious baked Alaska and incredible pitcher
of Market Punch (with bourbon, bien sur) at Market.

Mr. Pickles and Georgia at
Barking Babies in Yaletown

The Acne skirt I bought at Gravity Pope Tailored Goods on W. 4th

The gorgeous space and styling at The Room at the Bay. That neon Jason Wu dress? (!!!)

I have the same bike! This was like a promise of things to come.

English Bay from my favorite bench.

SPRING! Can you feel it?

Monday, January 9, 2012

Ania B for Avenue

Here are the shots from my shoot in the fall for Avenue Magazine with the beautiful Ania B.! This shoot was for the style Q&A and I got to use Ania's own clothes to come up with a fun fashion shoot in the newly renovated Memorial park. 

Photos by Jason Eng, Art Direction by Anders Knudsen, Hair and Make-up by Alicja Wilkosz, Styling by Leah Van Loon, and Model Ania B.


My favourite, of course, is the red Lanvin for H&M dress in front of the fountain so here is a little shot of it from my iPhone with a dog that happened by and a behind the scenes shot. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What the what?!

Ok So I am the worst blogger as I have not been doing ANY blogging for the longest time. SO, here I am, it's winter and after Christmas so things have S-L-O-W-E-D down. I am just randomly blogging, in no special order things I have been up to. 

First off Christmas! Look at this nice dinner we made! 

In the spirit of me learning to be a better cook I made 2 dishes, the ridiculous looking ham and the brussel sprouts with bacon AND a cheesecake for dessert! Our friends, Rob and Scott came over and brought us the sweet potato dish with the marshmallows on top. Very American and very delicious. Neil made the chicken which was succulent and covered in lemon rosemary butter. Mmmm. We also had some snacks. THE DIP that I make all the time and some baking and and and...

I got a fabulous ring from my BF from Hopea, which has some amazing jewellery for sale, all pretty much one of a kind.

All in all, a pretty great xmas! Hope yours was great!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Photo by Jared Sych!
I have been a little AWOL as of late what with it being summer and all. Working and trying to squeeze the last little bits of fun out of it have left me Blog poor! One of the things is happening right now and it's in Avenue Magazine! I have the honour of being in the contributor's section since I contributed (I styled the awesome Ania B for the Style Q&A, post to follow!). 

The picture was taken when my pal Jared Sych came over to take my portrait for the cool jobs issue (post to follow!) and they were nice enough not to use anything with a double chin etc. People have been asking me for baked goods ever since.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Style Q&A Mikey Da Roza

This month's Avenue magazine cover features the Style Q&A I styled with  the owner and DJ from Habitat Living Sound, Mikey Da Roza!  This was really fun for me because not only is Mikey super cool but he has a LOT of clothes! It was so fun to go through a guy's closet and put together looks for him, some of which he hasn't worn in a while. He had some really great patterns and such fun colors that I couldn't resist them. Especially since we were shooting in the evening and night you need items that will punch through the darkness. We shot in and around the Connaught area of Calgary where Mikey's bar is. The art Director Mason Hastie and Jared Sych did a brilliant job as usual with the pics and I love it when I get to work with them, it is ALWAYS a super fun time. It was really cold when we shot this but we were lucky to have no snow or rain and I think Mikey did a great job looking like he wasn't freezing!

Check out the whole interview in Avenue Magazine and you can see all the photos on my facebook page.

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Fitting Room

The new We Like We Love magazine is out with the Hipstamatic fashion story that we have been dying to share with you. This began as a way for me to shoot some Alan Anderson pieces that were at Holts and couldn't leave the store. By the time we were done with the first session I knew they were looking pretty special so we kept going! 

Ania B. was good enough to meet me and with wigs from Deva Dave our story took shape. The app actually upgraded a few times over the 4 months we took to shoot this so by the last session I could shoot repeatedly and didn't have to wait for the film to "develop" after each shot! We had to work in sessions since the phone's battery only lasts so long and we were trying to be discreet and shoot in the fitting rooms during off times (Ania in a bright orange Gucci gown, 5 inch heels and a blonde wig is not so easy to hide!). It was a fun experiment and Ania is always dream to work with. It was very much a collaboration and we love how it turned out. None of the shots were retouched and appear exactly how they came out of my phone.

Here are a couple of pages from the magazine and some out-takes of the shots that didn't make it. Check out the whole story and the rest of WLWL #7!

 Dress Gucci/ Jewellery Alan Anderson/ Shoes YSL

Dress Lanvin

Dress Victoria Beckham/ Shoes Christian Louboutin

Dress Gucci

Dress Victoria Beckham/ Jewellery Alan Anderson
And me!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Lara Presber

I was lucky enough to work with the beautiful Lara Presber (LA-RA not Laura or Laira) for the style Q&A in this month's Avenue magazine. This architect turned fashion designer takes her inspiration from architecture which is apparent in her clean lines and fluid shapes. In recognition of this we shot her in the water building in Calgary which has some amazing features like the floating concrete staircase we shot her on. Lara was lovely to work with and if you want to see more of her designs you can visit her shop in Fashion Central (across from the Bay) and you can see the whole article this month in Avenue Magazine.