Monday, April 11, 2011

Antler magazine

Here are a few pages from the Antler magazine spread that dropped last week. I absolutely love what Wilkosz and Way did with this story, the lighting is fabulous. Mad Skillz!   The feeling for spring was so much white so I tried to keep it light with (what has become) my signature pop of color. I especially like it with the white background. I was also using bows and ruffles as a common element to tie them together and keep the message feminine. Alicja Wilkosz did such a perfect job on the make-up with these heavily pigmented powders; so punchy! 

I would like to add a special thanks to our model Sam Ypma and Michael from Mode. It was tough scheduling Sam as she is travelling so much and they both came together and made it happen for us. Thank you! Sam was such a pleasure to shoot and well, the results speak for themselves.

For the rest of this story you can visit Antler magazine or my Facebook page!

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