Thursday, February 17, 2011

T & F Slack Shoemakers

Do you know the difference between a Derby and a Brogue? Doesn't matter really because T & F Slack Shoemakers do! And the best part? They actually allow you to customize your own shoes, men's and women's! Be they Derby or Oxford, these London shoemakers have some great options including amazing baby blue brogues or super bright contrasting soles. They also have a huge collection of lasts and materials to choose from should you want to design something entirely your own. 

Check them out if you are in Notting Hill for bespoke services. You can also use the build your own shoe service in Selfridges (my favorite) or Liberty (close second). Or, if you are in Canada, you can buy one from the selection of ladies shoes already made and available at your local Gravity Pope store!

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