Friday, July 30, 2010


The tag line is "Love what you see", and I do! Jereme from Hedkandi salon asked me to style this ad shot by the amazing Gerard Yunker and with creative by Brad Connell from Wax Partnership (agency). Tara Anand gave good face and the girls were gorgeous! We shot in the stinkiest bathroom at the Blackfoot truckstop, the MEN'S Bathroom to be specific. Guys kept trying to come in with Aleisia up on the counter making out with herself in the mirror and I had to keep shooing them away! Shooting on the C-train with the super sexy Ania B. with Gerard yelling directions like, "More butt!" with all the people just trying to get home after work was epically funny. The owner of the restaurant we used, Fleur de Sel, was very gracious and the wine was delicious. All in all a super fun shoot with great people.

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