Friday, August 20, 2010

New Shots with Wilkosz & Way

So here are a couple of shots from the creative I did with Wilkosz & Way. April K was our model from Mode models and she looks stunning!  I was really impressed with how she's evolved. The shoes were courtesy of my friends at Gravity Pope and the clothes were a mix of menswear from Singer and Leo, and ladieswear from Holt's. Alicja Wilkosz did a lot of beautiful make-up changes as usual!

I really wanted to do some menswear for this shoot as styling more menswear has been my mandate this whole year and I haven't done nearly enough. However, she ended up looking a little "Working Girl" (the Melanie Griffith kind, not the hooker kind). Sometimes the first things you try are not the right things and I love that Marta and Jeff (W&W) give such great opportunities to actually be creative. Luckily I had brought my tape collection and was able to do a little trompe l'oeil on the clothes. The other shots from this shoot can be seen on my creatives blog

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