Monday, August 9, 2010

River of Light

We are lucky enough in Calgary to have the city producing a summer long art program about our beloved Bow river. I am especially excited for the project called "River of LIght", by London based Creatmosphere, in which 500 illuminated spheres will be released at various points along the Bow on August 21st. The Louise Riley bridge (on 10th st NW) and the trees along the river will be lit also, and when I say lit it is more than just lights, they are colored as well and make for a surreal and fantastic landscape. You can participate by making your own sphere and releasing it or by volunteering. Here are a few shots from various other installations by artist Laurent Louyer and Creatmosphere.

From the city's website

August 14 - 21
For seven nights, three-foot, illuminated floating spheres will be located along the Bow River. These lit spheres will be colour programmed to highlight glacier melt, streams and rainfall that sustain the Bow River.  On the eve of  August 21, a total of 500 inflated, illuminated spheres will be launched from various sites along the river.